Barbara Barrios: A New Voice for Flower Mound's Bright Future

It's with a heart full of commitment and a spirit of service that I, Barbara Barrios, humbly declare my candidacy for Flower Mound Town Council Place 4. My vision is to cultivate a community that cherishes its roots while branching out toward a vibrant future.

Raised in the embrace of Venezuela's rich culture, educated at UNT with a focus on International Studies and Educational Leadership, I carry the essence of diverse perspectives. My 8-year journey in education has not only taught me the value of knowledge but the importance of nurturing the community that helps our children thrive.

I've come to call Flower Mound home—a place where the whisper of the wind through our trees is as important as the future we build for our children. A place where every street, every park, and every town gathering strengthens our bonds. My pledge to you, my neighbors, is rooted in a few fundamental commitments:

Preserving Our Town's Heartbeat: Flower Mound is more than a location; it's a living, breathing community with a character all its own. From our cherished green spaces to the unique small-town charm that enchants residents and visitors alike, I vow to protect and nurture the essence that makes our town extraordinary.

Embracing Sustainable Growth: As we look toward the horizon, growth is inevitable. Yet, it is our sacred duty to ensure that this growth is harmonious with our values and resources. I advocate for development that honors our town's heritage, fortifies our local economy, and secures a legacy that our descendants will thank us for.

Fostering Community Well-being: Our well-being extends beyond physical infrastructures to the heart of what makes a community whole. I am committed to initiatives that bolster our safety, enhance our health, and cultivate an environment where every resident feels valued, heard, and home.

Championing Active Listening and Advocacy: The voices of Flower Mound will not only be heard but echoed in the halls where decisions are made. Your concerns, dreams, and ideas are the compass that will guide my service. As your representative, I will be a tireless advocate for the welfare and prosperity of our hometown.

Innovative and Inclusive Leadership: I bring a fresh lens to local governance—merging the wisdom of longstanding traditions with innovative solutions that address our modern challenges. Leadership, for me, means inclusivity; it means building bridges and creating a symphony of voices where every note is essential to our town's song without loosing that which makes Flower Mound an amazing place to raise a family and make a home.

Cultivating Quality of Life: Every decision, every policy, every project will be measured against a simple yet profound yardstick—does it improve the quality of life for the people of Flower Mound? This is the promise and the principle that will underpin my service to you.

The time is now to unite, to harness our collective passion for Flower Mound, and to co-create a future that reflects the best of who we are. Join me on this journey, and together, let's continue to make Flower Mound a beacon of community, nature, and prosperity.



In Flower Mound, we're privileged to enjoy a quality of life that many can only aspire to—a community where the morning light gently filters through a canopy of mature trees and the evening sunset silhouettes against wide-open spaces. This isn't by chance; it's by choice. It's a result of our collective decision to prioritize a spacious and serene lifestyle, and my aim is to be the guardian of this choice.

My dedication to preventing high-density housing is about protecting our small-town feel. It's about ensuring that when our children step outside, they have room to play, to explore, and to grow without the shadow of overdevelopment. It's about preserving the tranquility that each of us finds in our own piece of paradise here in Flower Mound.

I stand firmly for the expansion and maintenance of our parks and open spaces—not just as amenities but as essential parts of our community’s fabric. These spaces are where memories are made, where friendships are forged, and where the bond between us and the natural world is rekindled. By advocating for these verdant spaces, I am advocating for our wellbeing and for the very soul of Flower Mound.

The commitment to our serene environment is also a commitment to our health and to our future. Expansive green spaces are known to enhance mental and physical health, reduce stress, and promote a sense of community. They are our town's natural gathering places, and they deserve to be protected and cherished.

As your representative, I will collaborate with urban planners, environmental experts, and the community to ensure that any new development is in harmony with our values. I will champion policies that favor green, open space enhancements and that respect the existing landscape that makes our town unique. Together, we can ensure that the serenity of Flower Mound isn't a fleeting luxury but a lasting legacy.


Ensuring fiscal responsibility and advocating for tax reductions isn’t just a campaign promise—it's a commitment to every resident who calls Flower Mound home. I understand that property taxes are more than a line item in a budget; they're a significant part of your hard-earned income, and they affect your everyday life.

My resolve is to engage actively with the complexities of our town’s finances to identify opportunities for efficiency and waste reduction. By streamlining services without compromising quality, we can work towards reducing the tax rate. I envision a collaborative approach with the community, local businesses, and government entities to broaden our tax base through smart and sustainable development that does not infringe upon our cherished open spaces.

I will champion the use of innovative financial strategies and technologies to ensure transparency and accountability in how every tax dollar is spent. The goal is to foster a financially sound future where fiscal prudence translates into direct tax relief for you, the residents.

As we look towards keeping Flower Mound an affordable haven for current and future generations, your input will be invaluable. This is not a journey I embark upon alone; it is a path we will travel together, with the shared goal of making our town an even more prosperous and pleasant place to live. I am not just asking for your vote; I am asking for your ideas, your concerns, and your partnership in this endeavor. Together, let's ensure that the financial health of our town reflects the vibrant and thriving community we all love.


Flower Mound stands as a beacon of community-focused living, set amidst the backdrop of Texas's natural beauty. As your prospective Town Council member, my mission is to guide our town's development with the delicate balance it demands—nurturing our growth while preserving the very soul of our community.

My commitment is to thoughtful, deliberate planning. I seek to build upon Flower Mound’s strengths—our shared values, the lush environment, and the collective will to maintain a high quality of life—without sacrificing what we hold dear. It’s about ensuring that every development, every new project, every policy enacted aligns with the vision of Flower Mound that we, as a community, have painted.

Our town’s growth must be synonymous with sustainability. I envision a Flower Mound where growth doesn’t compromise the environment but instead complements it—where the development of infrastructure and amenities brings convenience and joy, not congestion and depletion. By leveraging eco-friendly practices and sustainable materials, we can ensure that our environmental treasures continue to thrive alongside our neighborhoods.

The high standard of living in Flower Mound isn’t by chance; it’s the result of careful stewardship and a community-driven ethos. To continue this legacy, I will advocate for developments that meet the needs of our community, enrich our town’s cultural fabric, and provide economic opportunities without altering the character of our beloved hometown.

With a hand on the pulse of the community and an eye on the horizon of possibility, I will ensure that every decision made under my watch is measured, considered, and in service of a Flower Mound that flourishes—today, tomorrow, and for generations to come. Let's move forward together, not just growing, but growing wisely.


As I take the steps toward serving on the Flower Mound Town Council Place 4, my pledge is to be the conduit for the community’s voice, ensuring that the desires and needs of our townspeople drive the actions of the council. My commitment is not just in listening but in fostering a reciprocal dialogue where each resident’s voice contributes to the symphony of our collective decision-making.

Living among you, sharing the rhythms of our daily life here in Flower Mound, has deepened my understanding of our community's unique narrative. This intimate connection fuels my drive to bring transformative, yet considerate, ideas to the table—ideas that are inspired by the rich tapestry of our town’s history and the dynamic potential of our future.

Innovation and progress are not mere buzzwords; they are imperatives for a thriving community. Yet, they must be pursued with a reverence for tradition and a commitment to the sustainability of our resources and the inclusivity of our governance. My approach is grounded in the belief that while we strive for advancement, we must always cherish and safeguard the heart of what makes Flower Mound our treasured home.

My role on the council will be to serve not as a solitary voice but as a dedicated advocate for all, channeling the collective vision of our residents into actionable policies that honor our past while boldly embracing the future. With a spirit of collaboration, a foundation of trust, and a dedication to service, I invite you to join me in this journey to continue shaping the Flower Mound we know and love into the Flower Mound that leads the way forward.



Your donation fuels my mission to support each of you. Thank you for standing with me and make a difference in our community's future.